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Residents of our memory care house will receive the following services provided by our Certified Dementia Practitioners,  dementia-trained caregivers, and CNAs: 

  • Evidence-informed, personalized activity program designed by an occupational therapist.

  • Caregivers who are trained to recognize their needs—whether spoken or unspoken.

  • Home-like environment with familiar items to stimulate engagement and satisfaction.

  • Optional cognitive testing to allow caregivers to provide even more customized care.*


Diane Brown, PhD, OTR is an occupational therapist with over 30 years’ experience. Specializing in the care of persons with dementia, she is a co-founder of Stepping Stones Denton activity-based dementia support group for people living at home with their family caregivers. Dr. Brown and her father provided care for her mother, who had dementia, and she understands how difficult it is for families to meet the needs of persons with dementia. Bellaire and Dr. Brown share the same goal: to create a positive, home-like environment in which clients can engage in their familiar daily occupations to the extent of their abilities—whether that is reliving pleasant memories, walking, helping to prepare food, or dressing up for special occasions. 

*Available to residents at an additional fee, the Cognitive Performance Test is designed to determine the Allen Cognitive Level of individuals. Once this level is known, an array of possibilities for individualized and group interventions opens up, allowing staff and family to understand how to communicate and interact with the person with dementia. Dr. Brown has administered this test over 200 times, and believes it is one of the essential elements of a personalized care plan for the person with dementia.

Memory Care


At Bellaire, we believe we are all just walking each other home.


Our residents will each be at different stages of their lives, and each will process the grief of aging, losing their independence, as well as grieving the loss of their abilities, mind, their home or spouse in different ways at different times. Our goal is to stand beside them on their journey, making sure they feel supported and seen as they go.


We know these decisions are hard on both the family and their aging loved one.


Our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible. 

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