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It's All About the Care

Our founder has more than 28 years of experience caring for seniors, and our passion is truly providing exceptional high quality care. With a high caregiver to resident ratio, Bellaire is poised to provide the best and most attentive care in the county and we pride ourselves in doing just that. With our licensed nurses on staff, as well as highly trained and experienced Certified Nurse Aides and Caregivers 24 hours per day, you can have peace of mind that your loved one's needs are always met.


Medication Supervision

In addition to extensive medication supervision and management, medications are administered by licensed nurses or RN-supervised medication aides. Our on-staff RN consults and oversees our resident care needs and care plans. 



All-inclusive private and semi-private rooms with all utilities provided, including house phone, daily housekeeping, weekly linen changes (and as needed), wifi and internet, tv and cable, incontinence care and supplies, laundry, transportation and a loving house pet. Each home will have 10 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 16 residents.

Lasting Friendship

Why Semi-Private Rooms?

Relationships have been proven as the key to happiness, longevity, and quality of life. Our residents form quality friendships with fellow housemates and often enjoy sharing activities with each other. We encourage semi-private rooms, as the benefits of sharing a room have proven to be invaluable for loved ones during this stage of life. In addition to forming close bonds and friendships, benefits include: a decrease in depression, anxiety, and loneliness, less illness, increase in socialization, and adds purpose to their lives.


Fresh Home Cooked, Family-Style Meals

We believe eating feeds the soul as well as the body and should be delicious, nutritious, and comforting. Bellaire provides three, well-balanced, made-from-scratch meals, with mostly organic and non-gmo ingredients. We can accommodate dietary restrictions as needed. We can also puree or thicken liquids as needed, or provide additional options for your loved one. We delight in using our residents' recipes, and encourage them to help direct us and prepare them to make sure it's just right. Our homemade desserts, snacks, happy hours, holiday celebrations and parties are always special. We also understand the nourishing power of delicious homemade soups, bread, warm tea...and laughter around the table. If your loved one is not feeling well, then breakfast in bed it is!

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Exceptional Activities and Programming

At Bellaire we recognize that each individual resident has special talents, abilities and gifts; we strive to encourage and inspire each resident, no matter what level they function, to manifest their best life through self-expression by engaging in exceptional activities and programming that are meaningful and unique to them and feed their soul. Whether it is cooking, painting, traveling, reading to children, gardening, baking for the coffee klatch, swimming, music, dining out, creative writing, dance, a puzzle or a good glass of wine, we want our residents to enjoy their life doing what they want and we make sure they do! 

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Meeting the residents at the level of exercise they can enjoy and tolerate is important to us, as exercise can reduce the risk of falls, improve strength and balance, decrease depression and anxiety, increase endorphins and promote happy attitudes.

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We truly believe we are all just walking each other home. Regardless of religious background or affiliation, we all benefit from nurturing our souls and growing our spiritual self. Seeing God in the face of every resident, family, and team member helps us approach each day with gratitude, love, and mercy. As we let go of what no longer serves us, we move through life together in this safe space and sacred time, feeling cared for, loved, and supported. With a positive approach to spirituality, we offer Chaplain visits, rotating Sunday services, weekly inspirational talks, and opportunities for spiritual enrichment, support and education that help our residents recognize who they really are... the Light of God.

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Soul Enrichment

We meet our residents wherever they are and support them on their journey. We offer opportunities for peaceful prayer, acceptance, meditation, and body soul stretching and laughing yogas. Allowing our residents to naturally explore their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs is important to our mission and vision for Bellaire. We also provide life enrichment and wellness activities as well as spiritual support. 

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House Pets

We understand the healing properties and benefits of a loving pet companion and pet therapy, and each home will adopt a loving pet to become part of the Bellaire family.

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Safe & Secure​

We are one short block from the fire station. Our on-site generator ensures our power remains on in the event of severe weather, which also minimizes the need to evacuate. We will, however, relocate or transport residents in the event of severe weather if needed. In addition to our on-site nurse, we offer a 1:4 caregiver/resident ratio during the day and 2 or more awake at night, as well as the Wanderguard System (as needed for memory care). Our small, home environment makes it easy to perform frequent safety checks with a supervisory and caring, responsive eye, as our residents are almost always in view.


Visiting Practitioners

Our residents can benefit from a visiting physician, holistic practitioner, massage therapist, vibrational sound practitioner, podiatrist, dentist, geri-psychologist, support groups, and even receive prescription delivery. 

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On-Site Beauty & Barber Shop Services

Beauticians will provide various services and set prices.

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